About Me

Who is the Pink Sistah?

Patricia Fox has always been passionate about beauty! In 2013, at 26 years old she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After conquering the dis-ease in 2014, she resigned from a very promising career in banking and insurance to advocate for young adults braving cancer and pursue a career in beauty. She desired to help create a space of inclusiveness for all affected by cancer - Sistahs, Survivors, & Supporters. Today, she offers her beauty expertise in service to the cancer community. These services range from complementary makeup application for survivors as featured on NBC, to sharing beauty tips on her social media platform as similarly featured on Sephora. In addition to beauty media, Patricia is a motivational speaker and author. Her most recent published book is titled, Declarations by Patricia Fox. She also guest posts and is a content contributor for various publications, offering wisdom and practical advice from her extensive career background.

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